From hand to hand, from heart to hand…

The adventure of the needle laced silk, from mulberry leaf to silkworm, from fabric to handkerchief

The entire effort is for producing the strongest thread which is known as “the most beautiful, the most elegant” and from which the most exquisite fabrics are woven. A tiny silkworm, imprisons itself into the cocoon, then transforms itself into a butterfly. Dedicating its short life to beauty and elegance.

Dedication and labor is hidden in the threads of silk. We keep the same sacrifice and dedication while embroidering.

The journey begins with pulling just one string away from the fragile fabric. Then the wrinkles are straightened with elegance with warmth of the steam.

The stack of handkerchiefs lying on top of each other, light as a feather, are cheered up with the touch of the brush of a Sufi lady.

Then it unites with its twin sister to be stronger.

Next step is another big journey to Odemis to meet with the “moms” of Anatolia. The elegance of silk and the elegance of needle lace blend in the borders of the same handkerchief.

When it is back to Istanbul, it is another great time to meet the steam and create a smooth surface.

Then, this handcrafted journey comes to an end.

While getting into the packages, another journey begins to the heart of the people who will embrace and support them for a lifetime.

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