In the love of Needle Lace;

I, Gülin Şenyuva Aktuğ want to explicate in my own words how our designs were created and how the process was…

I think that life should be lived in a peaceful, smooth and joyful manner.

As my grandmother was a tailor, I had a very happy childhood while playing with her pieces of fabric and yarns. I graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Industrial Design and had a very hectic career life.  While trying to carry out this busy life style, I kept dreaming of a Project which would make me happy and feel precious. It should have been such a project that artisan women dealing with traditional arts should be supported and also historical heritage should be kept up to date.

I listened to the voice of my heart and decided that it was time to open my childhood basket full of needles and threads. The star of my basket was the “needle lace”.  Due to its nature, needle lace carries deep feelings and offers great rewards for the patience that is embroidered in the tiniest holes.  That was my survival plan! I would both heal my soul and would also revive this traditional art.

As Istanbul hosted three generations of my family, it provided a great historical background and an inspiration so it was the start point for my business.

In the search of the historical background, I started to chase the footprints of needle lace in Anatolia and in many other countries.

I learned many interesting stories during this journey… Each figure had a specific reference to social lifeof a woman or a man. I still keep learning these stories and transfer this knowledge to young generation through “the language of the needle lace” seminars.

I still keep visiting the Anatolian villages and keep track of the secret stories of the needle lace. I have the great pleasure to work with hundreds of Anatolian artisans.

By the help of our partners abroad, I am happy to promote the handmade products of the Anatolian artisans and to unite them with women from all around the World. We are a great family with Anatolian artisans on one side who embroider their feelings from the heart and the modern liberal women who purchase our hand made products on the other side. We get stronger day by day with the solidarity of women from all around the World.

We try to succeed the “impossible” altogether by embroidering stitch by stitch.

The feelings that are pinched on the edge of the fabrics are interpreted in contemporary accessories and meet the younger generation.

We adapt the use of the “past” to the “present day”.  As you can see from the pictures, with the inspiration from my grandmother, I work heartily with my team to pass on this colorful World to younger generation.

Come, and join my colorful and entertaining World where I enjoy my time with my beloved ones. We are expecting you to our showroom to experience the love and to share our emotion which we had been trying to reflect on social media.

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