Umran Beba and Gülin Şenyuva Aktug… One of them is a worldwide effective business woman who has become successful without compromising her values. The other one is a designer who escaped from the hectic pace of business life and found peace with the needle lace.

The common stories that meet in Kaftan are now two rising values of today’s world: being authentic and to slow down.


Having worked for years as an industrial designer, Gülin Şenyuva started to follow the Ottoman Culture, inspired by the trips she made to the different cities of Anatolia and started making needlework.

Şenyuva, who displays her designs in the Muze Shop, tells us the process she lived through: After all traces of the trips to Anatolia, I lost myself in the world of needle lace which we think we know but actually do not have any clue.


We filmed the marriage program at The Muze Shop… The groom is Turkish and the bride to be is Russian. We designed the henna costume together, prepared the sketch, sew and made her try it on. We farewelled her with joy. We wish a happy and prosperous life together. May them live happily ever after.


Travel days suggests Muze Shop for shopping in Istanbul. So with this referral, we had great many Japanese friends. Heartful love to them all.


There was a brief news about us on Istanbul.com when we were having baby steps yet.


We are grateful for the interest of our Japanese friends who admire our handicrafts and needle laces.


Culture and Art Magazine of Zeytinburnu Municipality displayed some news about “the language of the needle lace”. We did our best to tell a little bit about the language of the needle lace. We dived into the world of the unknown where there are thousands more stories...


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