We are ready for ‘’Hıdrellez’’

Wishes, hopes and dreams….

We are ready…

We have preparations for you too…

We prepared all you need to send your wishes to universe in order to be accepted on the honor of the meeting of prophets “Hızır” and “Ilyas”

Wishing string with four-leaf clover symbol, and also the wishing card for hanging on the tree to write and to draw your wishes…

On our chance bracelet and spring fulars they are waiting for you. for you and your loved ones.

On the day of “Hıdrellez” 5 and 6 May the wishes will be hang on rose  trees,  will make fires and jump onto…

May all your wishes come true

All together for happy future times.

Hıdrellez"is  celebrating  thousands of years on May 5th and 6th. According to the belief, the day when the "prophet "Hızır" who attribute the goods and chastised the wicked, help for the chellanges and who give abundance, met the prophet Ilyas

“Hızır”, according to a common pretext, has reached death by drinking source water of the life; from time to time, especially in the minds, helping those in difficult situations by circulating among people, distributing abundance, fertility and health. “Hızır” identity, place and time are not certain. Hızır” is the symbol of printemps and fresh life embodied by spring.


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