Whether it be a casual wear or a stylish dress, a foulard is an essential accessor…

We match up the silk or cotton fabrics of various kind with the needle lace motifs created by Anatolian women (Anatolian designers) that are inspired from the soil and life. So that the stories that pop out of the bosom of Anatolia, can keep up their lives in the bosom of those who carry the…


A shawl sometimes compliments elegance, sometimes keeps you warm and gives you the feeling of embracement, warmth and softness…

We wrapped up all the feelings and prepared you shawls of all kind. But there are so many of them that we invite you to visit our colourful World in Moda to make a decision.


We inspired from Anatolia;

Brooch, a timeless accessory to compliment either a collar or a foulard

We perpetuate the colours and flowers of Anatolia on our needle laced brooches.

We also provide you an invisible shelter to protect you from bad luck or negative energy with our “evil eyed” brooches.


Well, “Manşet” (sleeve cuff) is a French origin Word and is written as “manchette”. According to the Turkish Language Institute, it means "The part of your shirt that is made of double-layered cloth, which is added at the finish line of the sleeves.”

It also means “headline”.

We therefore played around this double meaning. We wish all our elegant clients with their elegant sleeve cuffs become a headline like a star walking on the red carpet.

A bit of nostalgia and a bit of joy, you are free to pick either of them or both… Why not?



Let the flowers bloom around your face.

We discover the world through our eyes and our glasses illuminate our vision.

That is why we wanted to adorn our eye glasses with colorful flowers and enchant our lives.

They are twittery, they are colorful, and they are charming… So are we.


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